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Ok, to those of you who live under a rock (that somehow has internet access - great rock!), the healthcare reform just passed in the house with a majority vote and its been a LONG time coming.

Personally I didnt follow a lot of it until recently but have been innundated with republican sympathizing comments and emails since it has been passed and its really making me angry. I will tell you why. It isnt because it is Republican vs. Democrat (at all - I dont subscribe to any political party). What bothers me is the ignorance and outright FEAR MONGERING that is going on. Long drawn out emails about the corruption of the political system and how much better life was back in the 60’s when politicians were still good hearted and honest. Its BULLSHIT.

Never in any of these comments does anyone address an actual ISSUE with the healthcare reform. They are upset that Obama has the power to implement his big ideas. That is what being the President is about, and you are clearly kidding yourself if you think that there was a point in history where the President wasnt power-hungry to a certain extent. Thats how you get to be president.

If you wanted to come to me and state in clear and defined terms the issue that you take with certain aspects of the health care reform, I am happy to listen. We can discuss the pro’s and con’s of such a reform, and how it affects you, your family, or the billions of people you dont know that dont have anything in common with you. Don’t send your propaganda to me. Dont start name-calling on my Facebook wall. How old are you?

But let me say this: If you are an adult, in a family, and you cannot afford health care, then this reform was clearly MADE FOR YOU and you look like an ungrateful brat for being so upset at its passing. The reform ensures your insurance company wont drop you from your insurance when you come down with an illness that costs more than your yearly insurance allowance. It ensures that your rates will not be raised unreasonably. It ensures that your deadbeat son who is still living in your house at 25 can still be covered under your insurance. I dont know what the fuck you are so upset about. It ensures that the insurance companies are required to cover you for pre-existing conditions which are impossible to determine. I have been diagnosed under my current health insurance and had the insurance company deny me because they considered it a “pre-existing condition”!  I spent well over two hours on the phone with my insurance company just this morning trying to get money out of them that they owe me. Insurance companies and pharmacuetical companies are the ONLY ONES who benefit from the old system. Dont kid yourself by pretending you were fine with the way things were. If you depend on government run health care systems currently, you should be thanking your lucky stars and kissing Obama’s stinky feet (the man is on his feet all day, I bet they reek).

On that note, I leave you. Either half-heartedly agreeing with me, or shaking your head in temporary rage. How dare someone as young as myself have an opinion that differs from yours! Thats not how things were done when I WAS YOUNG. I did what I was told and I LIKE IT.

Well, that’s nice.

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